New image and return from a long Pregnant Pause

At last after a Pregnant pause in the entire world this year it seems that many people have returned to work or just excepted that working from home like many of us already, is a very viable option. Babies have been born this September in the modelling world and models have returned to me who are now on their 3rd baby. Congratulations to all of you mothers and fathers who have had new borns at this time and how challenging it must have been with hospital visits and home births. Maternity work is coming in now also breast feeding jobs commercials and videos.

Pregnant Pause is always looking for stunning pregnant models dancers and actresses from all nationalities colour and race. Pregnant pause is a testement of time and the demand to bring us back proves the quality and standard of the models we have on our books.

Client quote:Pregnant Pause are great fun to work with and their models are always lovely, friendly and professional. Claire hector Rylands Peters and small

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